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Professional opporators who are On time, Considerate, Reliable, Trusted, Presentable and Polite



At Window Cleaners Direct we pride ourselves on our high quality service and standards.



For over 11 years Ash has been proud to be called a specialist window cleaner.

Maintaining glass types  of all sizes, is basicly second nature.



As specialists in Pure water, Traditional techniques, and affordable multi- storey services, we Guaranteed client satasfaction.


Saftey : Thanks to our multi- storey pole systems, we can safely work from the ground on most properties.

However we are Insured to work on  shopping centres and Government buildings,

Licenced to work at heights,

Licenced to operate Elevated work Platforms (EWP)

and White Carded. So what ever the window type, Window CLeaners Direct will Renew Your View!




Our minimum charge is just $22.00


Contact us now and get the real professional's for the job.


Gutter Clean :


All types of debre can fill up your gutters which can lead to blockages, fire hazards, and the detoration of roof surfaces and the gutters themselves. We vacuum all the debris from your gutters, leaving no mess behind.

Solar Clean :


Dust, Algae and other substances such as bird droppings can  impact on the amount electricity generated by about 20% a module.

Optimum Performance is our result.

Commercial :


Presentation is key for  business sales and also magnifies the professionals behind the company. Our maintenance program will ensure that your investment shines.

Residential :


Fresh, Clean, Healthy, Bright, Renewed! These are the words that describes how your home will feel when we are finishd with it.

  |    Renew Solar Performance!    |    Renew Your View!     |     Renew Your Gutter Flow!   |







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An Australian Elevated Work Platform license allows us to reach windows on multi storey properties. Hotels, Apartments, Commercial Buildings and hard to access homes.


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