Double Glazing


Two layers of glass are separated by a spacer leaving a gap between, the gap is filled with either air or gas to provide insulation and reduce outside noise.


Double glazing is in general an excellent product. However, I've seen marks on the surface between the two sheets of glass, which is a long term defect.


Double glazing can be constructed using float glass which means it's generally easy to clean.

Glass Type

What's your's?

Float Glass


Float glass is the most common glass type. It's cheaper and usually very flat and therefore provides good optical clarity.


It's also easy to clean, meaning heavy duty grime such as paint and other building materials can be easily removed.

Laminated Glass


Strong and easy to clean; It won't shatter into shards when broken.

The internal layer may include a tint with UV protection properties.

Solar Glass


Solar panel glass generally has two types of glass, Toughened and Flat plate glass.

Toughened glass is anything up to six times the strength of normal plate glass.  Toughened glass or Tempered glass is used in higher quality solar panels.

Solar with Toughened Glass - Quality

Solar With Flat plate Glass - Not Quality

Comfort Glass


Usually made from laminated glass with a coating applied to one side. The coating gives many benefits similar to double glazing but at a lower cost.

Coated glass windows must be installed facing the inside of the building. Ive seen many times a window installed the wrong way round, meaning the coating is on the outside and exposed to the weather. There are two problems with this.

First is that the coating cannot by any means have a blade used on it and building materials such as concrete will leave a stain blotch and removal scratches.

Secondly, comfort glass can be difficult to clean and constant exposure to the elements will wear glass considerably.

Even when perfectly clean, coated glass can appear cloudy or hazy in sunlight.


What type of glass does your investment have?


From our pro's point of view, the type of glass you have does matter.

We want to ensure your Windows and Frames are cleaned in a way that makes them look great and prolong the life of your investment.


Toughened glass


We suggest that All builders get Protecta glass film applied during construction.


Why is this important?


Toughened glass is very strong but it can be difficult to clean if paint, concrete or other materials have adhered to the surface. Care needs to be taken when removing these materials or the glass can easily be scratched by a non professional.